Perceptive Software, creator of process and content management products and solutions, announces the availability of Perceptive Interact for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft's customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Perceptive Interact for Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows users to access and capture all customer or account-related data from any form within the CRM, when and where it is needed. Most enterprise content management (ECM) solutions require significant time and effort to integrate with existing business systems.

Using Perceptive Interact for CRM, users have access to content throughout the organization, such as customer correspondence, invoices, purchase orders, inventory listings and more, instantly available from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. By enabling a comprehensive view into all contextual business content, processes are vastly improved. When a sales representative is ready to respond to an opportunity but needs approval from a department outside of sales, for example, the sales representative can upload the document, launching a Perceptive workflow for document approval. Once approved, the sales representative is notified and continues working the opportunity.

Users outside the CRM can also access content. As content is developed and associated with various CRM entities, users outside of Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be notified that documents have been created and have the ability to view or edit them, without accessing CRM.

Key features of Interact for Microsoft Dynamics CRM include:

Distributed Capture

  • Capture documents on demand, via drag and drop or capture, from virtually anywhere within CRM
  • Centrally manage electronic documents and scanned images of paper documents, allowing users to search and access them from within the CRM
  • Centralizes document storage and retrieval, supporting searching and viewing cross entities
  • Automated indexing and linking
  • Automatically attach metadata for fast, accurate information retrieval
  • Link information automatically to related CRM entities and transactions

Seamless Information Access

  • Find and view precise information the moment it's needed in CRM
  • Enable remote access to information from anywhere worldwide
  • Retrieve content directly from CRM without needing to open a different tool

“Organizations across all industries use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to initiate and manage contact with customers and prospects. Perceptive Interact for Microsoft Dyamics CRM bridges the gap between the electronic content stored in the CRM and the paper documents, faxes and other content that reside outside the system, giving users greater visibility and control,â€Â said Brian Anderson, Chief Technology Officer, Perceptive Software. "Perceptive Interact for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is another example of how Perceptive Software is delivering our vision of a comprehensive, easy to use solution for automation of all key business operations, regardless of document type, volume or complexity.â€Â

About Perceptive Software ( Perceptive Software, from Lexmark International (NYSE: LXK), builds a complete family of intelligent capture, content and process management, enterprise search and integration products that link enterprise applications to the processes and information they don't manage, providing the visibility and control needed to improve financial performance, reduce risk and ensure future flexibility.

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