Today, Intersec launches a new software to help the telecom industry to turn Big Data into valuable knowledge. InsightedTM has been designed hand in hand with operators to collect, store and analyze real-time and historical data available to help them understand customers’ behaviors, enhance business efficiency and explore new sources of revenues.

    InsightedTM detects relevant patterns related to customers’ behavior, automates geo- marketing analysis and generates customized dashboard to improve marketing productivity, network planning and fraud detection on a daily basis. Hundreds of times faster than an open source analytics software, InsightedTM enables MNOs to pursue data- driven decisions whilst discovering new customer insights to enhance their decision- making process. InsightedTM is fine-tuned to deliver performance whatever the volume for either "hot" or "cold", structured or unstructured, data and can be combined with other Intersec products, allowing innovative business-cases in Customer Value Management and Location Based Services.

    Intersec’s Chief Technical Officer, Jean Marc Coïc comments: "InsightedTM was created to complete our range of products. This end-to-end software is based on Big Data processing with an easy-to-use layer of data-visualization and data mining. Such software represents a disruptive approach on the market for both its telco-specific aspect and its data crunching performance.”

    About Intersec
    Intersec designs solutions that enable mobile operators to capture and monetize their network value through Big Data collection. Operators can then create new and innovative services. Intersec integrates its leading core network solutions to generate location intelligence revenue and to maximize customer value management, contextual engagement, and messaging traffic profitability. Our award-winning products are designed to efficiently implement loyalty & retention, value creation and cost optimization strategies for CSPs. Acclaimed by 60+ MNOs, Intersec technology enhances the experience of several hundred million subscribers worldwide and manages over a billion smart events day after day. For more information, go to; Follow us on our social media platform @IntersecGroup, LinkedIn.
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