OfficeScope, a cloud-based document management solution designed to empower paperless organizations, will be showcased at the upcoming Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents’ Executive Institute, July 17-18, at Mashpee High School in Cape Cod. Powered by etfile, a premier workflow and document management solutions provider, OfficeScope enables instant storage of any document -- or email -- to the cloud, associating information with existing contact lists or embedded barcodes and providing full analytics reports on access and revisions. A free trial of OfficeScope is available at:

“Paper intensive organizations, such as schools and their administrative offices, are required to store files and documents for decades -- often within less than optimal conditions,” said Mark Linton, CEO, etfile. “Locating specific files is often a labor intensive experience, not to mention safe-guarding files from natural or man-made hazards. OfficeScope offers educational professionals an easy means to integrate document management into the everyday workflow process while providing security and streamlining file management.”

etfile designed OfficeScope to empower any educational institution with an affordable solution for document management. OfficeScope offers enterprise-level document management features with the scalability and simplicity of the cloud with such unique features as:
  • Contact Connect: An intuitive method for filing and retrieval of any information. Contact Connect allows documents to be searched by faculty or student names as well as folders and key words, while bringing powerful Content Resource Management (CRM) functionality and tagged descriptions to further accelerate quick sorting of documents.
  • ScanCloud: Offers advanced scanning solutions such as barcoding, zonal Optical Character Recognition (OCR) as well as mobile and front-end methods to help organizations streamline paper-filing and transition any document into digital format. 
  • Advanced Security and Analytics: Eliminates security complications associated with cloud-based document management via geo-replication and redundancy, user and departmental security permissions as well as full document audit reporting. In addition, 245-bit AES storage encryption eliminates the concern for unauthorized access.
“OfficeScope’s seamless integration into my current office environment provides me with enhanced file management and the needed document security to ensure business sensitive information is protected,” said Russell Greenwald, IT Director at InSource Services.

To deploy OfficeScope for your business, or for a paperless office, contact 888-672-7737 or visit

About etfile
Since 1996, Westborough, MA-based etfile has been a leading provider of document management and workflow systems. With over 10 years of development experience, etfile is now empowering small to medium-sized businesses with OfficeScope. The new cloud-based document management system for paper and document intensive customer service organizations is designed to give businesses a more intuitive way to file and retrieve information. etfile’s product portfolio includes scalable client/server and cloud-based content management and streamlined workflow software solutions for enterprises and small-to-medium businesses across all industries. Enabling organizations to harness the power and ease-of-use of the cloud for web-based file sharing, online collaboration, and advanced business analytics, etfile’s strategic partnerships with the world’s most innovative automation vendors ensure its solutions are in full compliance with the latest industry standards for compatibility and security. For more information visit or
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