GMC Software Technology (GMC), the award-winning leader in Customer Communications Management (CCM) and output management will be sharing a host of innovative CCM solutions at DOCUMENT Strategy Forum ‘15, held May 12-14 at the Hyatt Regency in Greenwich, CT. In addition to the activity at the booth, Scott Draeger, GMC’s vice president of product management, will be a speaker at two of the Forum sessions.

Visitors to GMC’s booth 200 will be among the first to demo three of GMC’s newest offerings:
  • Inspire Designer – An application that provides the ability to design documents and create templates that incorporate customer data to output personalized documents.
  • Inspire Dynamic Communications – An interactive application that delivers an entirely new customer communication experience, bridging the gap between paper-based communications and more engaging mobile communications.
  • Inspire Interactive – An application ideal for providing customer-facing business users with the flexibility and autonomy they need to quickly handle customer service situations that require immediate action, while still ensuring compliance, tracking and auditability.
Conference attendees are invited to learn from GMC’s expertise and experience in the field about best ways to optimize today’s CCM solutions at two sessions with Scott Draeger. Draeger has 15 years of experience in the document composition software industry, improving customer communications at major enterprises and service providers. His sessions are:

Panel: Collaboration Tools for Authoring and the Review and Approval/Process, Tuesday, May 12 at 10:00 a.m.
This technology-focused panel will discuss the tools and processes required for efficient and true collaboration.

Educational session: Design for Multi-Channel Communications, Wednesday, May 13 at 12:00 p.m.
Based on feedback and best practices gained from GMC's implementations on five continents, this session will explore how to approach and successfully manage differences in the information design, visual layout, response tracking and context awareness in multichannel communications while growing to support more channels from fewer design applications.

“DOCUMENT Strategy Forum’s focus on next-generation content strategies makes it the perfect conference for GMC to highlight our newest solutions,” said Scott Draeger, vice president of product management at GMC Software Technology. “We have so much in our booth to show visitors who are seeking new technology and processes that are guaranteed to address the rapidly-growing demand for relevant information based on customer preference.”

About GMC Software Technology
GMC is a global leader in Customer Communications Management, empowering companies around the world to drive more efficient and effective customer communications. GMC delivers innovative software solutions that enable enterprises to transform the customer experience by deploying powerful engagement strategies. We provide the means for business users to develop contextual, highly personalized communications. Supporting thousands of clients and partners in banking, insurance and healthcare, GMC has the only single design solution for all channels that span the entire customer journey, giving our clients a competitive edge in a market shaped by rapidly changing consumer technology. For more information about GMC's solution, visit:
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