News Facts

  • Perceptive Software announces the release of Document Filters 11, the latest edition of the company’s unique Perceptive Search technology that software companies and service providers can embed into their own solutions. Because an estimated 80 percent of content lives outside of a structured data environment, Big Data, e-Discovery, DLP, analytics and other information-driven solutions need a way to unlock unstructured files like Word, PowerPoint and PDF, pull out the hidden and visible content that’s inside, and incorporate the data into their systems in a variety of different ways and formats.
  • Document Filters 11 delivers high definition (HD) document conversion and rendering capabilities that enable software developers to preserve all the original data, formatting and pagination of an unstructured document and export it for viewing, archival, analysis, manipulation, sharing or other purposes in their applications.
  • Document Filters 11 supports the most advanced export and output needs of software applications, converting unstructured information into images, multipage TIFFs, searchable PDFs, paginated HTML, structured XML, XHTML, text and proprietary formats.
  • Document Filters 11 empowers software developers to add unique document redaction, markup and drawing features to their software with pixel-precise output control.

Key Features

  • This technology can identify, index and search every document, email, legacy, archive and container format required; it also analyzes all text and metadata in a file with deep-inspection capability that even uncovers previously hidden information such as tracked changes, comments, notes, annotations and embedded web links.
  • Content is rendered, manipulated and viewed in HD without need for additional components (such as ActiveX).
  • Original files are replicated through a Layout Engine that maps out exact, pixel-by-pixel coordinates of text, images and objects (rather than relying on simple character positioning).
  • This pixel-by-pixel approach eliminates the need for a third-party image manipulation package, enabling the application of precise redaction marks, annotations, Bates stamps and watermarks to content during output.
  • Document Filters 11 can be embedded quickly and cost-effectively with flexible APIs for C, C++, COM, .NET and Java, for deployment across 20 platforms—including Mac OSX—with full support of character sets and encodings.

Supporting Quote

“With eighty percent of enterprise content residing in unstructured documents, Document Filters 11 offers a powerful solution to the Big Data puzzle, extracting and transforming critical data for e-Discovery, data loss prevention, analytics and other information-driven routines,” said Brian Anderson, Chief Technology Officer for Perceptive Software. “Reflecting 25 years of development and experience, Document Filters powers some of the most advanced products available for data capture, management, archiving and business intelligence; furthermore, it benefits from industry-leading extraction and throughput speeds, processing content faster and with greater stability.”

About Perceptive Software
Lexmark’s Perceptive Software (NYSE: LXK) builds intelligent capture, content management, process management, enterprise search and integration products that connect unstructured printed and digital information across enterprises with the processes, applications and people that need it most. For more information, please visit


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