Crawford Technologies Inc is once again exciting the customer communications industry with its newest software innovation, PRO Duplicate Checker. This one-of-a-kind software program will help combat a problem that plagues thousands of organizations around the world. According to industry experts, duplicate printing of statements, bills and checks costs governments and businesses more than $3 billion dollars annually. This includes paper and toner costs, wasted postage, costly manpower, environmental waste, call center workload and unprofessional reputational damage an organization receives when errors occur.

The new PRO Duplicate Checker software product automatically checks for duplicate transactional documents prior to printing, identifies the duplicates and alerts staff to the costly error situations. Technicians can then take the appropriate steps to correct the errors BEFORE the documents are printed and mailed to their clients.

"An organization only has to send out duplicate documents once to realize how costly it can be to recover from it" said Ernie Crawford, President, Crawford Technologies Inc., adding "PRO Duplicate Checker helps organizations quickly and inexpensively reduce the risk of sending out duplicate statements, bills, invoices, notices and checks. PRO Duplicate Checker can pay for itself in a few months."

CrawfordTech's PRO Duplicate Checker is designed to identify duplicate composition runs, print runs and duplicate mailings of statements, informational documents, bills, invoices and critically, of payment documents. PRO Duplicate Checker supports all major operating systems including Linux, Solaris, Windows and z/OS. It can be configured for all customer applications, and can run under any workflow automation tool. This makes it quick and easy to integrate with existing print production and mailing systems.

With PRO Duplicate Checker, organizations are able to address a significant aspect of their quality control and error reduction programs without disrupting current production and mailing processes. Notably, this can be done without a lengthy and costly IT project and the organization can achieve a positive ROI very quickly.

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About Crawford Technologies Inc.
Since 1995, Crawford Technologies' award-winning solutions have helped over 500 companies around the world reduce costs associated with communications processes by delivering bills, statements and other mission-critical transactional communications to their customers in the format they need, when they need it. With CrawfordTech's range of unique software products and services, our clients simplify, automate and extend document delivery cost effectively - irrespective of current, legacy or future standards in infrastructure or document output. Please visit to find out more about CrawfordTech's clients, people, partners and solutions.

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