Perceptive Software, creator of process and content management products and solutions, including intelligent data capture, announces the launch of Interact for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    Perceptive Software's Interact for Microsoft Dynamics AX builds on the innovative AX 2012 platform with integrated document capture and retrieval technology that makes related information instantly accessible within any AX 2012 list page or detail screen. Built with the unique and powerful Content in Context™ approach that allows Perceptive Software to content-enable virtually any business software, Interact for Microsoft Dynamics AX displays related content within the familiar interface that AX 2012 users already know.

    "Unlike some third-party solutions that appear distractingly •bolted on,' Interact for Microsoft Dynamics AX is carefully integrated with the existing AX 2012 interface to ensure a seamless user experience and can be made even more powerful with Brainware's innovative advanced data capture technology, making data extraction and upload effortless," said Darren Knipp, Chief Technology Officer, Perceptive Software.

    While AX 2012 offers advanced levels of workflow automation, business modeling, business intelligence and interoperability, users of the application often find themselves overwhelmed by unstructured information and the diverse tasks and processes of the many businesses and industries it serves. This tide of unstructured content can end up stored on an employee's computer or a shared repository that lacks the immediate visibility and secure distributed access that Interact for Microsoft Dynamics AX can provide.

    "Interact for Microsoft Dynamics AX has all the power of a world-class, capture, process, and content management system behind it," said Knipp. "Using our sophisticated and rich content models for associating content with transactions managed in DAX, end users will have access to any related content precisely when and where they need it to complete their business process."

    Perceptive Software is a Microsoft Managed Gold Partner, enhancing collaboration in organizations by integrating Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics AX users with Perceptive Software document enterprise content management and intelligent data capture technology.

    About Perceptive Software
    Perceptive Software, a stand-alone business unit within Lexmark International, builds process and content management software, including Brainware intelligent data capture, to help organizations fuel greater operational efficiency. Organizations around the world rely on Perceptive Software's solutions help optimize business processes and give users the most relevant information to make the most effective decisions at any point in the process, wherever they are. For more, visit

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