IPS announced the availability of IPS Digital Workflow 3.0 third generation, web-based, modular workflow. The IPS cloud-based solution runs on state-of-the-art hardware and server technology, including latest Microsoft Server and SQL Server platforms, for maximum performance. The IPS private cloud provides all the benefits of public cloud solutions —no hardware or software installation necessary —with added security and reliability for mission critical document processing in regulated and non-regulated environments.

IPS Digital Workflow 3.0 streamlines any collaborative, knowledge-based processes requiring multiple decision points. IPS Digital Workflow integrates with a wide variety of enterprise platforms to speed adoption rates, minimize IT expenses and improve ROI. Supported platforms include Oracle, SAP, IBM/Filenet, EMC Documentum, OnBase, Microsoft Dynamics, JD Edwards, Lawson, Donovan Data, MediaBank and Strata.

"With IPS Digital Workflow, companies bypass the costly, cumbersome and time-intensive process of customizing large-scale enterprise systems," said Greg Bartels, CEO of IPS. "IPS Digital Workflow 3.0 can be up and running a matter of weeks, at a fraction of the cost, with limited staff involvement and short-term ROI."

Secure, compliant and intuitive, IPS Digital Workflow 3.0 reduces information handling costs and improves process cycle times. Clients instantly move from legacy document handling to 100% digital processes. The web-based SaaS delivery model eliminates hardware and software obsolescence so clients can focus on innovating the business process. Ideal applications are accounts payable, contract management, human resources and other mission critical transaction processes.

About IPS
Founded in 1991, IPS enables clients to move from legacy, analog, document processes to innovative, 100% digital processes including document scanning, conversion, archiving and workflow. IPS skillfully combines superior technology with human intelligence, customer-specific business rules and rigorous quality control in a cloud-based environment for maximum compliance, security and ROI. Visit www.imageserv.com for more information.


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