1. Stick to the Basics. It is easy to get caught up with emotions and depart from the basics that drive your business.
  2. Find Control. Focusing on things that can't be controlled depletes energy, which could be utilized for creative thinking.
  3. Set Your Attitude. Fixing your own personal attitude to be positive rather than negative will allow the business to embrace change.
  4. Respond to Challenges. Your response to the business challenges you face will determine the success rate of organizational sustainability.
  5. Set an Example. Manage your own personal production, and create a productive environment for the business.
  6. Work on Relationships. Don't neglect those existing customers and employees who have supported the enterprise efforts month to month.
  7. Ensure "Shareholder Value.•bCrLf Too often, failure to understand shareholder value is a result not a strategy. Always keep in sight those you are serving.
  8. Have a Vision. If one wishes to advance in corporate and personal growth, a positive vision is a necessity.
  9. Maintain Humor. During challenging times, it is imperative to keep a sense of humor. There is no stress worth getting ill over.
  10. Be Resilient. Business is all about adapting to constant change. Those who grow will be those who succeed.

BOB GOSHEN [www.bobgoshen.com] is an international marketing consultant, trainer and founder of three corporations. He has developed marketing strategies for such noted companies as Coca-Cola and Sunrider International.

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