EDSF is accepting scholarship applications for students pursuing a career in the printing, graphic communication and document management industry. The scholarships are awarded to full-time Four-Year and Advanced Degree students as well as Technical/Community College Students. The following industry scholarships are available:

  • EDSF Board of Directors Scholarships - range from $250 - $2000
  • Clampitt Paper Scholarship - $2,500
  • Hal Morrow Memorial Scholarship - $1,500
  • Heidelberg USA Scholarship - $2,000
  • Hoods Memorial Scholarship - $2,000
  • Jeanne Mowlds Distinguished Lifetime Service Award - $1,000
  • Joel Cartun Scholarship - $1,000
  • John A. Lopiano Scholarship - $2,000
  • Questex Media Group Scholarship - $2,000
  • OutputLinks Sustainability/Stewardship Award - $1,000
  • OutputLinks Woman of Distinction - $5,000
  • Wayne Alexander Memorial Scholarship - $2,000

To apply for the scholarships listed above, complete the Graphic Communication and Document Management Scholarship Application. Link to the application here. Application due date: May 3, 2010

About EDSF
Founded in 1996, The Electronic Document Systems Foundation (EDSF) is a nonprofit, charitable organization that supports the international growth and expansion of the document management and graphic communications industry through scholarships, research and education. The industry encompasses the wide range of businesses and professionals involved in the creation, management, production, distribution and storage of print and electronic documents. For more information on EDSF, visit www.edsf.org.

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