Business Forms Management Association (BFMA), the association for forms and business process professionals, has announced the full lineup of speakers for its 2023 annual conference, taking place May 22-24 at le Méridien hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. Many important business processes begin and end with forms, which are a vital means of data collection and serve as an important point of contact between the organization and its customers and prospects.

Over the informative three-day conference, educational sessions will offer attendees the opportunity to explore various components of forms management and the impact they have on an organization, from optimal processes for data collection to the role of forms in furthering the mission of an organization.

Industry leaders representing a range of experiences and expertise within forms management will lead sessions designed to enhance skills in core areas of forms management, including content services, customer communication, design and technology.

The lineup includes the following speakers and sessions:

Kelly Halseth, director of forms strategy and management at Alberta Health Services, will be leading two sessions. “Evolve or Perish” will highlight the importance of staying up to date with cutting-edge forms management strategies and data collection methods. “Data is King” will explore best practices for data collection.

Ray Killam, BFMA board member and president and CEO of Essociates Group, Inc., will present “Developing a Forms Management Strategy,” which outlines methodologies for obtaining a forms management mandate from senior leadership.

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, author of the Amazon bestseller, "Practical Artificial Intelligence,” will lead “Automating Business Processes – Not Yet.” The session will explore opportunities for automation in common business processes, as well as the reasons why procedural pitfalls cannot be sidestepped using automation alone.

Eric Stevens, who is considered one of the architects behind electronic forms technology as it exists today, is leading two sessions. “Adaptive Form Design Guidelines” will walk participants through the process of building adaptive forms using Adobe Experience Manager’s adaptive forms. “Legacy Migration: How to Get and Stay Current” will review the process and benefits of migrating away from end-of-life applications.

Margaret Tassin, BFMA board member and president of Forms Doc, LLC, will lead “Powerful Partners: Forms Management and the Organization,” discussing the critical connection between forms and organizational relationships. Additionally, Tassin will present a session entitled “Using Data to Set Strategic Goals and Performance Metrics in a Forms Management Program,” covering the strategic collection and use of data.

The event will also include information about the new BFMA Certificate Program, which is an opportunity for forms professionals to continue their forms education and update their credentials. With five certificate tracks and nine courses covering ten areas of competency, the certificate program provides training for new professionals and a chance for more seasoned forms managers to refine their skills. Read more about BFMA’s Certificate Program here.

To learn more about the 2023 BFMA Annual Conference, or to complete your registration, visit

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