Feb. 24 2023 07:21 AM

Program offers customers and partners the resources needed to advance their expertise in AI-powered document processing

Driven by customer and partner demand, Rossum announced the launch of its education and training program to help users reap the full benefits of document processing technology, powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The Rossum Academy provides easy access to the technical documentation, video tutorials, webinars and other training materials necessary for customers to fully leverage the company’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution.

By providing a wide variety of online learning and training options, Rossum leads the market in making IDP technology more accessible and easier to use. Participants receive world-class instruction and grasp how to apply cutting-edge AI capabilities to document processing – helping to minimize manual data entry while streamlining paperwork. The Rossum Academy promotes training not only around document data extraction but also outlines best practices for document processing derived from real-world examples, resulting in better workflow insights. Both customers and partners alike, can study, learn and upskill their expertise while also gaining a broader understanding of the issues surrounding business-to-business communication and the significant role IDP plays in them.

One of the first customers enrolled in the Rossum Academy, Carissa Albers, CPA CFE, Internal Auditor of Wachter, shared that, “having someone walk through a live interactive session was more helpful than reading any guide. The questions other participants asked during the session were very helpful, insightful and informative, and I highly recommend that Rossum users take advantage of this offering. The Rossum Academy helps us maximize our investment in this technology.”

“We’re committed to delivering the best technology on the market and enabling the best customer experience,” said Marek Paris, Head of Product Development at Rossum. “The Rossum Academy is a vital channel in helping our user community increase its expertise and knowledge while staying current on our latest AI development and product innovations.”

The launch of the Rossum Academy follows the roll-out of enhancements to the Rossum marketplace, which gives customers an easy way to build highly flexible and customizable end-to-end IDP solutions without requiring support from software developers. The Rossum Academy helps to amplify these capabilities by supporting a community of customers, technology partners and resellers looking to shape the future of document processing and B2B communications. To sign-up for the latest Rossum Academy webinar please click here.

Rossum drives high levels of intelligence and automated actions, completely transforming the document workflow for companies. For more information on Rossum technology and how AI automation applications improve business processes, visit https://go.rossum.ai/demo.

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