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Madison Advisors has published a new brief entitled “Mastering RFP Vendor Selection” that presents the methodology it has developed based on comprehensive assessments of the print service provider (PSP) market and the intersection with the needs of enterprises. The brief summarizes methods for optimizing the request for proposals (RFP) process to select the best print service provider (PSP) partners for outsourcing print and mail production.

“Selecting the right business partner for the delivery of your customer communications is a critical task, which is why organizations rely on a comprehensive RFP process to find the best match,” said Kemal Carr, president, Madison Advisors. “The brief shows how utilizing the extensive data gained from our Best Practices Assessment process assists in creating the right partner candidate long list. With comprehensive pre-work, enterprises can eliminate many PSPs that do not meet their base requirements, thereby saving valuable time and expense for all parties.”

According to Madison Advisors, a major pitfall of RFPs is that decision makers do not always possess the print industry knowledge that is required to ask the right questions of vendors, leading to a lack of contract and requirement clarity. Highlighting data gleaned from over 20 BPAs, Madison Advisors explains how a three-tier classification system and vendor comparison data points support enterprise firms in identifying PSPs that meet their specific needs.

The complimentary brief can be accessed here.

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