Business Forms Management Association (BFMA), the association for forms and business process professionals, announces registration is open for the 2023 BFMA annual conference, being held May 22-24 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The event provides valuable knowledge and insight into the core areas of forms management, including design and technology, customer communications, content services and information management. Attendees are invited to take advantage of educational sessions and great networking opportunities that provide access to cutting-edge information and strategies when it comes to communicating with customers through forms.

The following educational sessions are designed to enhance attendees’ knowledge regarding forms management, expanding the ability for an organization to deliver an outstanding customer experience:
  • Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder and principal analyst at Deep Analysis, will present “Automating Business Processes – Not Yet,” examining the opportunities and pitfalls of robotic process automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence in common business processes.
  • Margaret Tassin, president at Forms Doc, will present “Using Data to Set Your Strategic Goals and Performance Metrics in a Forms Management Program,” which shares what data is needed to establish performance metrics and how that data can help set strategic goals for forms management programs.
  • Margaret Tassin will also present “Powerful Partners: Forms Management and the Organization,” discussing how forms management programs are strong business partners in helping implement policy and ensure smooth operations within the organization.
  • Ray Killam, president at Essociates Group, will present “Developing a Forms Management Strategy,” a discussion on why having a forms management mandate from senior management is essential.
  • Eric Stevens, vice president of strategic engagement at 4Point, will present “Adaptive Form Design Guidelines,” which will show Adobe experience managers adaptive forms and present design guidelines.
  • Eric Stevens will also present “Legacy Migration: How to Get and Stay Current,” reviewing the dangers and risks associated with continuing to use end of life applications.
This must-attend event will have up-to-date information about the new BFMA Certificate Program, which is an opportunity for forms professionals to continue their forms education and update their credentials. Attendees also have a great opportunity to expand their network as the conference is co-located with the DOCUMENT Strategy Forum (DSF’23). For more information or to register for the BFMA Annual Conference, click here.

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