Business Forms Management Association (BFMA), the association for forms and business process professionals, announces the availability of the BFMA Certificate Program, designed to educate professionals dealing with forms about how efficient forms management contributes to better business, satisfied clients, a trusted brand and improved reputation—and even an increase in profits.

The BFMA Certificate Program includes four major components. Each certificate aligns with a major function and common role within a forms management program, including Forms Analysis, Forms Development, Forms Control and Program Management and Administration.

Those who complete all nine courses that comprise the four program areas will earn the top designation available from the BFMA Certificate Program: Forms Management Specialist (FMS). Earning the FMS designation indicates the mastery of all 10 competency areas and more than 200 elements.

The BFMA Certificate Program is an online offering via a learning management system. BFMA developed the program as a way for professionals to gain more knowledge in the field of forms and to demonstrate that knowledge through a rigorous set of tests, albeit there is no final exam. Organizations will also find it useful as a training tool for employees who are new to the field of forms management.

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