Transformations, Inc., a software solutions company and developer of the customer communications management (CCM) platform, Uluro, announced the availability of a white paper commissioned from analyst firm, Aspire, a leading consulting firm specializing in the CCM industry. The white paper examines how technological limitations and regulatory stipulations have traditionally hampered the digital delivery of critical documents and explains how Transformations’ Smart Delivery solution enables businesses to satisfy both consumer demand for seamless interaction and their service provider’s obligation to data security.

The research found the fastest digital growth is among demographics that traditionally have been hesitant to give up print. Older generations and consumers who are not as technologically sophisticated are catching up to the digitization rates of more traditionally digital-friendly groups, which suggests that the shift to digital communications is not a passing phase. Additionally, enterprise digitization has been no less determined and promises to be just as lasting. In response to consumer demand, businesses underwent a massive shift toward digital communications in 2020, exceeding their own e-adoption projections for the first time.

While critical communications are a vital component of the ongoing conversation between consumers and the businesses serving them, technological limitations and regulatory requirements have, until recently, made it impossible for organizations to send those communications electronically or make them part of a larger, more seamless and engaging experience. This has driven the need for a secure communication delivery system that enables the emailing of many regulatory compliant communications involving Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (SPII) that can be accessed without a portal.

"Transformations’ Smart Delivery was specifically designed for organizations in industries such as insurance, financial services and healthcare that grapple with how to distribute sensitive regulatory documents electronically with the need for proof of delivery and access. Smart Delivery solves many of these challenges by providing controlled access to documents while mitigating the risk of a data breach,” said Kaspar Roos, CEO and founder, Aspire. “Smart Delivery should be strongly considered by all organizations seeking to provide recipients the ability to securely open an actual email attachment with one-click convenience that fosters a more positive customer experience.”

Transformations’ several years of market research and product development resulted in this standalone solution that addresses many of the stringent requirements of the different vertical-specific regulations and fosters a more positive customer experience. Smart Delivery is built on unique smart data technology, which offers protection that travels with the data. The software supports the stringent requirements of vertical-specific regulations, such as HIPAA, PCI, FISMA, SSA16 and GDPR.

To access the Aspire white paper, “Smart Delivery: Making Critical Communications Part of the Omni-channel Future,” visit:

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