Jan. 31 2022 09:54 AM

Dynamic Web TWAIN v17.2 lets developers integrate just a few lines of code to immediately deploy a full-featured document scanning widget for their HTML5 web applications

Dynamsoft updated its document capture software development kit to now allow developers to rapidly add a full-fledged document scanning widget into their HTML5 web-based applications. It can be done by adding just a few lines of code. So, theoretically, an application could have full document scanning capabilities in a day. The new SDK is version 17.2.

The fully developed document scanning widget provides support for setting camera resolution and automated document edge detection. It has a built-in viewer where users can edit and save documents. When documents are captured, it also applies automated perspective corrections to account for warped documents. Users can also load images from local storage and switch from or to front and rear cameras. In addition, when low-quality captures occur, users can add filters to them for post-processing allowing better quality captures. Other general editing capabilities include crop, rotate, and flip. New to version 17.2 is the ability to alter image brightness and contrast.

Getting started with a deployment can be done in a handful of steps. Developers can download and install Dynamic Web TWAIN version 17.2 from the Dynamsoft website, including a trial version. A 30-day trial license can be activated by copying the license key code into the provided JS file and then copying the related code and file to the static resource folder of a web project.

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