Quadient has partnered with leading enterprise automation software company UiPath. Quadient’s partnership and integration with UiPath helps enterprises digitally transform customer experiences while maintaining regulatory compliance on customer communications, boosting productivity, reducing cost and improving employee satisfaction.

The partnership brings together Quadient’s market-leading Inspire software suite, which enables enterprises to create and deliver personalized customer communications across all digital and traditional channels, and the benefits of using the UiPath Platform for end-to-end automation. The UiPath Platform combines its leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution with capabilities for rapidly scaling digital business operations. Bidirectional integration of the two solutions enables enterprises to automatically generate and deliver complex customer documents, such as insurance policies, mortgage contracts, proposals, confirmations, and other critical customer touchpoints. Additionally, Quadient Inspire generates data from customer communications that UiPath returns to other critical core systems.

“Over the last year, the focus on digital communications has sharpened as organizations redesign their communication processes to move their customers closer to interactive digital channels and higher levels of engagement,” said Marci Maddox, research director, Digital Experience Strategies, IDC. “Combining the automation of RPA technology with the orchestration of Customer Communications Management (CCM) technology allows enterprises to reduce data processing costs while optimizing critical customer experience touchpoints, creating a win-win for digital transformation and customer satisfaction.”

Enterprises with large communication volumes in financial services, utilities, telecom and healthcare rely on Quadient Inspire and UiPath to automate and enhance customer communications.

“UiPath and Quadient share the same passion for driving digital transformation to support enterprises in enhancing customer experience and engagement, and automation is at the heart of this effort,” said David Pearson, technology alliances director at UiPath. “We trust that thanks to this partnership, our joint customers will benefit from the ability to both streamline their workflows and maintain regulatory compliance with automation.”

“Quadient and UiPath, both leaders in their markets, are joining forces to support companies in streamlining workflows and accelerating digitalization,” said Chris Hartigan, chief solution officer, Intelligent Communication Automation, Quadient. “Our strategy includes developing partnerships with best-in-class technology solution providers to shape and deliver innovative customer experience solutions for our clients. CCM and customer experience management coupled with RPA makes organizations more nimble, effective and profitable.”

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