For the fourth year in a row, Messagepoint Inc. has been named an overall leading provider of customer communications management (CCM) solutions in the 2021 CCM Aspire Leaderboard, a dynamic positioning grid that ranks CCM vendors across the industry according to their capabilities, vision and market presence. The Overall Leader designation recognizes Messagepoint’s continued ability to empower business users to manage complex content at scale, minimize authoring and change cycle times and reduce high template inventories.

“Messagepoint is a powerful solution for complex content control, authoring, migration and business user enablement with growing global adoption of its solutions,” said Kasper Roos, founder and CEO, Aspire Customer Communications Services. “We find Messagepoint to be especially robust in scenarios where content needs to be populated across multiple, cascading templates or where content varies widely, as it does when sending mandated communications.”

As a key innovator in the CCM industry, Messagepoint developed its AI/ML engine, Messagepoint’s Advanced Rationalization and Content Intelligence Engine (MARCIE), which powers unique content migration and content optimization capabilities throughout the platform. The company leverages its AI capabilities, along with other unique innovations, to provide significant solutions that enable more intelligent management and authoring of all types of customer communications. Those solutions highlighted by the Aspire Leaderboard include Messagepoint Connected, the company’s recently updated interactive communications solution that enables customer-facing team members to respond to ad hoc customer requests with individually tailored communications. In addition, Rationalizer, a stand-alone product that is driving industry-wide transformation by enabling export for CCM migration and modernization and includes an intelligent content hub that powers physical and digital experiences outside of templates, was highlighted. Lastly, Messagepoint’s patented capabilities for managing communication variations drive both template reduction efficiencies and enable personalization at an unparalleled level.

“The fact that 2021 is the fourth year Messagepoint has received this high recognition on the Aspire Leaderboard reflects our company’s continued commitment to make it easier for business users to more intelligently control content and create new communications,” said Steve Biancaniello, CEO, Messagepoint. “The Messagepoint team is focused on developing solutions that support and advance the customer experience through all communication channels.”

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