Let’s face it, the new Coron-a-conomy is reshaping customer behaviour. Customers have dramatically changed the way they shop, dine and purchase. The companies that quickly adapt their customer engagement strategy to meet the new needs of customers in their preferred channels will have the competitive advantage.

This could mean more frequent empathetic communications or new ones like letting customers know what your company is doing to help them navigate the new normal safely. There’s been a dramatic change in the way we communicate and customer communications are more critical than ever.

To keep up, companies need to rethink their customer engagement strategies and learn how collaborative communications can help create meaningful customer connections that last a lifetime.

Why a collaborative approach to communications is the future
Most organizations have a siloed approach in the way they communicate with customers. Companies with multiple brands often find that each siloed brand has a different “connection” with that one customer.

Additionally, when looking at the internal process perspective, employees who communicate with customers across a variety of delivery channels are especially challenged because communications are often disjointed -- different tones, branding, overall look and feel -- and there is a lack of information sharing in the same organization. Understanding the consistency of the customers’ experience with the multiple brands is important to understand as well.

The question to ask here is, are disconnected communications hurting your business currently with delays and inefficiencies, and preventing you from delivering seamless omnichannel experiences?

So, by leveraging a single customer communication management platform, and developing a collaborative culture with collaborative tools, organizations can break down internal barriers and increase operational efficiency and transparency. Employees need an environment to access communication tools remotely while working with content authors, designers, marketers, and sales associates to not only gain insight and knowledge from across multiple teams and streamline workflows but help drive better customer experiences.

Ways to reinvent a remote workforce to create content that connects experiences
Companies are looking for a customer communications platform that is scalable and accessible via the cloud and supports a collaborative working environment. There is a need for remote workers to work together successfully to collaborate on communications, leveraging standardized content but still having flexibility and agility for personalization.

When looking at the last few months, new types of information have emerged, and organizations responded quickly and with more frequency to meet customer expectations on demand. The ability to create new communication templates on the fly is key. So, using a collaborative design-based tool to create new communications that reflect the current state are critical for delivering the next level of communications.

As you rethink your customer engagement strategy, consider new factors like frequency of communications, ways to bridge brand consistency and information sources across the organization, and building trusted relationships with empathetic communications.

Learn more about how to drive better customer experiences with collaborative communications. You’re invited to watch an OpenText™ on-demand webinar at https://resources.opentext.com/drive-better-cx.

About OpenText
With more than 5000 customers worldwide and consistently recognized as a leader, the OpenText™ Customer Communications Management solution provides breadth of functionality to intelligently create individualized experiences for true data-driven omnichannel experiences at scale. Learn more at: www.opentext.com/exstream.

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