April 22 2020 11:36 AM

Visual Workflow Designer Extends Business User Control of Customer Communications

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Quickcoms, a Customer Communications Management (CCM) SaaS platform enabling highly regulated industries to do effective communications and marketing, today announced the launch of its visual workflow designer.

Quickcoms visual workflow designer is now available to all platform subscribers. The Quickcoms platform was designed from the ground up to put business users in control of their customer communications by providing a highly adaptable and configurable environment. The workflow designer extends the platform’s configurability by enabling business users to design and modify workflows by visually manipulating standard workflow components.

Breaking Away From Legacy Bespoke CCM
Most legacy CCM software is highly bespoke and difficult to adapt to modern communications and marketing practices. The bespoke nature of these solutions also places the burden of making changes with the vendors, which is slow and drives up cost. Quickcoms’ visual workflow designer puts business users in control of adapting and changing the platform to meet new market demands.

“The voice of the customer was the primary driver of developing the new CCM platform,” said Giri Gondi, CEO of Quickcoms. “CCMConnect, like most legacy platforms, was built in a pre-cloud world. When we set out to develop Quickcoms platform we wanted to take full advantage of the configurability, scalability and security of modern SaaS platforms. The visual workflow designer is just the latest innovation in the evolution of this platform.”

CCM Key to Improving Customer Experience
A recent Bain & Company study revealed 80% of management teams believe they are delivering a “superior experience” to customers. But when their customers were asked about their experience, only 8% felt those companies were really delivering a superior experience. The reality is that customer expectations are at an all-time high and companies in every industry are scrambling to meet or exceed new customer expectations.

“Our CCM customers want control of business rules and workflows,” said Giri Gondi, CEO of Quickcoms. “They don’t have the luxury of time anymore, so asking third parties to do it simply isn’t viable. Our new visual workflow designer gives them the control they need to quickly adapt customer communications strategies and execution as consumer expectations evolve.”

CX is now taking center stage in most corporate communications and marketing departments. In fact, 62% of companies are investing to meet changing customers needs. In this rapidly changing world, it’s become imperative that Customer Communications Management software be adaptable to keep up. Quickcoms visual workflow designer provides business users the tools they need to adapt to new CX strategies.

The Quickcoms platform is positioned well for companies in healthcare, insurance and financial services. These are all highly regulated industries that put a premium on the customer experience and the need for tight controls around communications.

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