Anexinet Corporation announced the release of ListenLogic 3.0, which introduces over 20 new enhancements for efficiently gathering data across contact center records, social media posts, email conversations, and marketing surveys. In the release, additional capabilities include new artificial intelligence (AI) and ensemble machine learning methods, self-service filtering language and classification engine, as well as advanced natural language processing (NLP) for analyzing unstructured data.

ListenLogic is a platform that collects customer feedback data across all channels and identifies patterns and trends in unstructured data for a centralized view.

In a statement, Mark Langsfeld, Vice President of Analytics Solutions at Anexinet, underlined the importance of modern omni-channel insights, saying that these insights "frame how organizations transform themselves by listening to every customer interaction.”

Some of the new omni-channel analytics features in ListenLogic 3.0 include:
  • Topic extraction using artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning, natural language processing, and regex classifiers to identify topics across all data sources
  • Sentiment analysis and entity recognition, facilitating data labeling by type, such as person, organization, location, events, and products
  • Pre-configured industry dashboards and classifier libraries addressing sales, churn, and compliance
  • Data connectors to a variety of data sources and destinations
  • On premise or cloud deployment, leveraging proprietary data redaction for an added level of security
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