Eclipse Corporation announced the acquisition of OF Software Ltd. of Canada, creators of DocOrigin software. DocOrigin is an enterprise software solution used to design, present and deliver mission critical business forms, documents, labels and checks. The software has proven reliability, performance and features and meets the needs of the most demanding vertical markets having been adopted by leaders in the education, finance, government, healthcare, insurance, logistics, manufacturing, telecommunications and utilities industries.

The founders of Eclipse and the creators of DocOrigin were at the forefront of the e-forms revolution. Their companies lead the market in IBM midrange, AIX, Windows and Linux platforms. The founders of DocOrigin were co-founders of JetForm, which created the leading enterprise e-forms software and captured 100% of the Fortune 10 and 71% of the Fortune 1000 by 1999. JetForm was acquired by Adobe in 2001. The market for e-forms software continued to grow, however the market was saturated with obsolete software by 2007. In 2011 DocOrigin was released and the creators of DocOrigin engaged Eclipse to become their North American distributor.

Recognizing the opportunity to add value to a growing market, Eclipse wasted no time setting up distribution, sales and implementation teams. “It has been very rewarding to help companies like AT&T, GE Healthcare, ISCS, McKesson, Pella, Tyler and others improve their business documents, forms, marketing, and customer communications processes. The competitive landscape is clogged with aging and obsolete enterprise document, forms and label solutions. We have had great success replacing legacy e-forms software, which lead us to the decision to acquire DocOrigin and expand our market penetration,” said Steve Luke, CEO of Eclipse.

Many of these legacy technologies lack the features customers are looking for today, but the top products have one thing in common: Reliability. DocOrigin’s reliability has been tested and proven over the past five years. “The confidence level our customers have in Eclipse and DocOrigin gave us a competitive edge when competing to replace legacy e-form software. These early adopters helped pave the way for the explosion of DocOrigin. Fortune 500 and OEM sales account for more than 3,000 license sales,” Luke added.

Eclipse and the entire OF Software team will continue to enhance DocOrigin. “The plan is to add features and enhance performance which has already proven to meet or exceed competitors. DocOrigin developers are listening to their customers and partners to meet the needs of the most demanding industries,” said Wayne Hall, President of OF Software. “Eclipse has lead the way for growth of DocOrigin sales and support. Eclipse’s success in North America has helped the adoption of DocOrigin in EMEA and the Pacific Rim,” Hall continued.

“Eclipse plans to add people to our team and expand the development of our partner program to grow and improve it,” said Alex Riess, CTO of Eclipse. “Unlike what occurs when many publicly held corporations acquire companies, we will not be cutting back our R&D or support. We know there are thousands of companies using products that are near or already sunset. DocOrigin has focused on rapid migration tools to help these companies replace legacy software. These dynamic tools have proven to save our customers 70 to 90 percent of the implementation cost when replacing legacy software,” Riess added.

Eclipse plans to expand their partner network, end user and OEM businesses. The company is confident they can assist existing partners in growing their business. For more information about partner relations or business opportunities send requests to Info@EclipseCorp.US.

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