June 22 2009 12:00 AM

  1. Recycled Paper. Technological advances in paper manufacturing and processing equipment have ensured that this paper can be processed efficiently.
  2. Pinless Paper. Going pinless not only reduces waste paper volumes but also eliminates the labor and/or equipment to collect it.
  3. Lighter Weight Paper. Work with your vendor to determine whether a lighter weight material may be used, reducing your paper and postage cost.
  4. Address Hygiene. Improve your address quality through the utilization of software and regular updates.
  5. Transportation. Reduce transportation impacts by sourcing materials closer to your operations or by optimizing the use of your distributed processing facilities.
  6. Operational Efficiency. Improve the overall operational efficiency of your processing equipment.
  7. White Space Management. Reducing the amount of white space on your document will reduce the number of pages required in your mailing.
  8. Onserts. Utilize equipment and software to print inserts directly on your documents.
  9. Virtualization. Virtualization of servers in data centers reduces overall energy usage.
  10. Carbon Baseline. Developing a carbon footprint allows the ability to focus on those areas with the most to gain in the reduction of carbon.


John P. Baeseman [john.baeseman@pb.com] PE, EDP, is manager of Pitney Bowes' Workflow Solutions, a professional services group offering a variety of services to assist clients in improving document processing operations.

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