GMC Software Technology, a leader in customer communications and output management solutions, today announced that GMC Inspire has scored 73 out of 100 on ease-of-use according to the System Usability Scale (SUS), placing the company's award-winning product in the top 30% of SUS scores.

The SUS is a technology independent test suite that is used on hardware, software, websites, cell-phone and catalogs of printed material. Since the inception of SUS in 1986, it has become an industry standard with references in over 600 publications. According to studies conducted by industry experts, the average SUS score is 68, measured on a 1-100 scale. Scores above 68 are considered “above averageâ€Â and anything less than 68 is considered “below average.â€Â

After a series of rigorous internal tests, GMC Inspire scored above average on a number usability tests scoring 73 out of 100 on SUS, 82 out of 100 on Single Usability Metric and the maximum points of 100 for Time to Complete Tasks.

“We are extremely pleased with the outcome of GMC Inspire's usability test results,â€Â said ZbynÄ›k Hodic, Chief Technical Officer at GMC Software Technology. “Scoring top marks in all three categories validates our commitment to quality solutions and providing the best customer experience.â€Â

GMC Inspire is an end-to-end software solution for Customer Communications Management (CCM) designed to help businesses increase customer engagement. The solution enables businesses to streamline and advance customer communications for increased efficiency and revenue growth while also enhancing the customer experience. The solution supports a wide range of output channels including email, SMS, social media, web presentment and traditional print channels. GMC Inspire is widely used by banking, insurance, utilities and retail enterprises as well as many print service providers.

About GMC Software Technology
GMC Software Technology delivers effective solutions in the field of Customer Communications Management (CCM). With unrivalled experience in the industry, GMC has consistently demonstrated the ability to help businesses increase customer engagement across all touch points. The company's CCM platform, GMC Inspire, enables enterprises to deliver relevant communications, at the right time, through the preferred channel for every customer – driving customer loyalty, acquisition and operational efficiency.

GMC Software Technology serves thousands of clients worldwide across the banking, insurance, retail, business services, telco/utilities and healthcare industry. Having received numerous awards in the field of Customer Communi­cations Management, the company is recognized as an industry leader for innovation. For more information, please visit

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