Square 9 Softworks, developers of the innovative and award-winning SmartSearch Enterprise Content Management suite, announce the latest advancements in document management technology with the release of the highly anticipated SmartSearch 3.7.

As a company committed to the future of Content Management technology, Square 9 continues to advance its SmartSearch platform with unique features designed to enhance the end user experience. The 3.7 release of SmartSearch presents significant changes to its core security model by extending mobile access through secured portals to users outside the organization such as vendors or customers. New functionality within the GlobalSearch web platform takes content management to the next level with drag & drop capture and touch enabled “wet” signature capabilities. For developers looking to integrate document management into their core business applications, SmartSearch 3.7 also delivers a newly released RESTful API toolkit that provides both greater system performance and expanded development capabilities.

“As organizations continue to shift towards an increasingly mobile workforce, the tools they require are changing.” said Stephen Young, President and CEO of Square 9. “They need a desktop experience that’s available through the browser regardless of the device their using. The rapid evolution of the modern browser is allowing that transition but it needs to be embraced. Products which don’t leverage these opportunities will fall behind.”

To further enhance the customer experience, GlobalSearch leverages several recent breakthroughs in web technology. This includes a fully eSign compliant solution for signing documents using a finger, stylus or mouse. Along with web based signature support and drag & drop capture, GlobalSearch 3.7 also features a new touch optimized interface for streamlining mobile usage. Users can now rapidly navigate through records with a swipe of the finger or roll of the mouse regardless of what device they are using. This improved viewing technology allows mobile users to increase their interaction with documents while having anywhere, anytime access to create, review or approve workflow activities.

A new, innovative web portal allows administrators to protect access at the document level through search level security. Combined with a new 256 bit permissions validation key, administrators can now create individual workspaces called “My Queues” for their users. These individually secured areas allow documents to flow throughout an organization while providing immediate access points for interaction without regard to the location of the user.

The release of SmartSearch v3.7 will provide the Square 9 community with increased user flexibility while providing greater confidence in their mobile document access. 

About Square 9 Softworks
Square 9 Softworks is an award winning developer of scanning and document control solutions that enables its customers to realize their dream of a paperless office. With solutions for document workflow and mobile document delivery, Square 9 has helped companies of all sizes to get control of their paper intensive processes with solutions that meet the rapidly evolving needs of the business community.

SmartSearch, Square 9’s flagship document management software has been recognized continually for its innovation including Buyers Laboratory’s coveted five star rating in 2013 and Winter Pick award for Outstanding Enterprise Document Management Solution in 2013.

Square 9 Softworks distributes its solutions internationally through a network of highly skilled channel partners from its corporate offices in New Haven, Connecticut. For further information, visit www.square-9.com.


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