Mail-Gard®, a division of IWCO Direct and one of the nation’s leading providers of critical communication recovery solutions,  announced it has partnered with Data Management Internationale (DMI) to offer cloud-based document management recovery services including document capture recovery and document management system archiving. 

Most companies utilize some type of document management and scanning systems to capture externally generated records such as invoices, applications, claims and other customer information.Recovery of these services is an essential part of a company’s continuity program. Mail-Gard is now positioned as the only provider of print-to-mail recovery services to offer document recovery solutions. The partnership with DMI enhances Mail-Gard’s core offering of ensuring critical business documents are available anytime, anywhere, whether printed and mailed to customers, or used internally for essential business operations. 

“The addition of document management system recovery and scanning services is a natural extension to our Critical Communications Recovery platform,” said Jerry Montella, vice president of sales and general manager of Mail-Gard. “This partnership further strengthens our ability to ensure customers stay in compliance and in business by having access to important documents whenever they need them, from any location.”

About Mail-Gard
Mail-Gard, a division of IWCO Direct, is one of the nation's leading providers of print-to-mail continuity and recovery services. With locations in Pennsylvania and Minnesota, Mail-Gard maintains fully-secured and dedicated recovery facilities that support cut sheet, continuous form, duplex, MICR and color printing as well as accumulating, folding and inserting capabilities in conjunction with on-site U.S. postal substations and warehousing. In case of any business interruption – human error, power outage, natural disaster – Mail-Gard can ensure that a company's invoices, statements and other critical documents will reach customers and vendors.

About DMI
Data Management Internationale (DMI) is a leading provider of document management and recovery services and has been helping organizations better manage, access and protect their critical business documents for over 35 years.  Their award winning, cloud based document management system, WebDocs, is used daily by over 4,000 users throughout Europe and North America to ensure quick and easy access to vital documents, and provides a critical backup platform for these business assets.  DMI is also the only dedicated document capture recovery vendor in North America, providing critical business continuity coverage for organizations’ in-house document capture operations.


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