Systemware, a leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, today announced the launch of Content Cloud 6.0, an intelligent content network responsible for capturing, managing, storing and delivering content throughout its entire lifecycle. The latest version of Systemware’s ECM network reaches beyond the business requirements and meets the individual needs of IT architects, department heads and end users.

“In order to meet the evolving needs of enterprises, Systemware is taking a unique approach to content management,” said Patrick Sheehan, vice president of development at Systemware. “We’re combining our traditional proven ECM architecture with a cloud-based infrastructure and robust new capabilities in order to extend and improve our world-class solution.”

The advanced technologies in Content Cloud 6.0 offer a seamless approach to traditional content management while also providing an advanced and intuitive feature set: business continuity, information governance, flexible deployments, intelligent user context, in-place conversions, advanced interoperable infrastructures, applications that are ecosystem aware, and agile SaaS enabled internal app stores.

ECM Individualized for the IT Architect and Admin
Content Cloud 6.0 brings the best of Systemware innovation, including Content Server, Content Integrator and Content Store, into a comprehensive intelligent network. The on-premise private cloud, consisting of distributed and/or centralized servers, offers increased efficiency to maximize cost savings for buyers. And, because it is implemented safely within a company’s corporate firewall, Content Cloud provides added security, resilience and business continuity.

The Content Cloud 6.0 interface was designed with the unique needs of IT departments in mind. In addition to 7x24 operational capability, the Content Cloud Manager gives a 360-degree-view of the entire network, providing a single point for operations, administration and maintenance, which provides:
  • Reporting and analysis on the health of the system
  • Management of notifications based on thresholds
  • Performance of upgrades, patches and maintenance
  • And deployment of new nodes and clusters.

“At Systemware, we believe that an ECM solution should complement how business is done, not dictate it,” Sheehan said. “It’s our goal to provide the tools that make heroes out of a company’s IT team.”
Businesses also have the ability to perform a legacy archive process, which is a conversion of data, either in-place or from one of the business silos, into the comprehensive content network that Content Cloud is built around.

ECM Individualized for the Department Head
The latest version of Systemware’s ECM solution allows various business departments to create applications that meet specific business needs as they arise. One example of this is the Check Image Manager application, which provides short-term and long-term storage for images and metadata to streamline requirements within financial institutions.

The functionality of Content Cloud 6.0 enables a department to create individual solutions in a matter of days, rather than months, all while meeting compliance needs. The immediacy provided by Content Cloud helps users overcome the problem of “shadow” or “stealth IT,” which in turn further promotes compliance.

“Having served enterprises for more than 30 years, Systemware has a significant understanding of what it takes to meet compliance and security standards,” Sheehan said. “We’re confident Content Cloud 6.0 is a solution that can meet the needs of any company.”

ECM Individualized for the End User
Because Content Cloud 6.0 implements a layered index approach, users have quicker access to the information they need. It also allows more granularity, which enables users to find the lowest common denominator for information and present it back within the proper context as quickly as possible. The improved workflows eliminate the need for time-consuming manual processes, boosting productivity.

The context-centric views in Content Cloud 6.0 deliver exactly what a user wants to see, when they need to see it, and in the correct context of their work – whether that’s where the user is physically located, what device is being used or what job function the user is attempting to complete.

“Anyone doing traditional ECM is missing the mark,” Sheehan said. “Systemware is capable of providing what businesses are looking for from an architectural and user context perspective, a comprehensive intelligent content network that can scale quickly, while providing seamless and secure access to information in an actionable context. That’s what Content Cloud 6.0 brings to the table.”

About Systemwide
Systemware has been a leader in enterprise content management for more than 30 years, with its ECM solutions deployed in many of the largest organizations in the world helping them to effectively and efficiently capture, index, store and manage billions of documents. Systemware high-volume content management solutions are utilized in many industries — including financial services, insurance, healthcare and retail — to capitalize on information assets, improve customer service, reduce operating costs, support compliance objectives and facilitate better-informed business decisions. Systemware offers a variety of deployment options, including on premises, cloud and hybrid. For more information, visit or call 1-800-535-8681.

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