AirSpring Software announced today that MacLellan Services Inc., a provider of critical process and facilities services to the automotive industry, has chosen airSpring’s intuitive browser-based technology to provide a thin-client solution for the development of business applications across its 25 distributed facilities. Designed to seamlessly deploy across multiple operating systems, the airSpring platform eliminates the need to internally program critical business applications for specific systems, making it possible for the company to streamline workflow processes and accelerate continuous improvement across the organization. Additionally, airSpring gives MacLellan Services’ customer-facing employees the flexibility and autonomy to refine, revise and test various application options at the point of need, dramatically improving productivity and time to market.

“As a company, we have always appreciated the importance of using the newest technology the market has to offer. Our approach to everything involves how to improve quality, reduce costs and increase productivity to ensure we are always enhancing our customers’ competitive advantage. We don’t spend a dollar if we can’t see an ROI,” said Jeff Betzoldt, president and CEO of MacLellan Services. “To that end, as a middle market organization, we needed a cost-effective interactive solution tailored to handle the needs of a company our size. When we saw how dramatically our business processes would change by moving to the ease of the airSpring environment, we knew we had a goldmine in choosing airSpring.”

MacLellan Services plans to use the airSpring platform for its safety management applications, expense reporting, HR correspondence and field sales enablement. The solution makes it possible for MacLellan’s staff to work on applications collaboratively at the same time, eliminating the multiple manual steps typically involved when revising and editing specific business documents.

The drag-and-drop interface enables the easy creation of various templates as well as the ability to collect data and view it in dashboards or reports created within permission-based branding and compliance guidelines. MacLellan also likes the fact that the solution integrates seamlessly with its enterprise systems and offers built-in design capabilities, making it possible to easily edit sales and marketing materials as business needs change.

“We are very pleased that airSpring is providing MacLellan Services the ability to efficiently migrate from time-consuming manual processes to creating business applications faster, more cost effectively and with ensured accuracy,” said Neal Gottsacker, president and CEO of airSpring Software. “Ultimately, MacLellan’s customers are the ones who will benefit from the company’s decision to radically streamline its traditional processes. We are proud to be associated with this industry leader.”

About MacLellan Services Inc.
Since its inception in 1994 MacLellan has been providing critical process cleaning services to the automotive industry in the paint shop environment. While still core to their business, these services and work environments have expanded to include process equipment and robotics maintenance, production line side support, sludge and wastewater management and general facility maintenance among others. Work environments include aerospace, food and beverage processing and other general industrial applications.

About airSpring Software
Headquartered in Lexington, KY, airSpring Software provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that enable companies to build a wide array of business applications in a collaborative thin-client environment that requires nothing more than access to a browser. The platform works in private or hybrid clouds and integrates seamlessly with a company’s data, systems and processes. The applications created through airSpring Software instantly deploy to any device—including smartphones, tablets, PCs or Macs, email and documents—eliminating the need for additional and specialized programming. AirSpring is helping companies in the financial services, insurance, retail, telecommunications and other industries dramatically improve time to market, lower costs and meet the demands of today’s mobile society.

For more information about airSpring and its breakthrough technology, visit or contact airSpring Software at 855.210.0475.

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