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  • Lexmark’s Perceptive Software announces the availability of Perceptive Intelligent Capture for Transcripts powered by Brainware, extending Perceptive Software’s comprehensive content and process platform for higher education institutions to the critical and costly transcript processing function.
  • Perceptive Intelligent Capture for Transcripts automatically secures data on course equivalency quickly, making that data actionable within the student information and related systems, allowing staff to focus on evaluating higher-level competitive data on prospective students rather than performing costly and error-prone data entry tasks.
  • Perceptive Intelligent Capture for Transcripts uses advanced pattern-recognition techniques, making the costly traditional template and rules-based approaches to data extraction obsolete. The benefits include the ability to: automatically classify all incoming transcripts, regardless of type or format; capture all important data without defining templates, zones, anchors or keywords; validate and reconcile captured data against the student information system (SIS) and other systems to ensure consistency, accuracy and completeness; and speed input cycle time to facilitate faster decision making and increase applicant satisfaction.
  • Perceptive Software process and content management products and solutions for higher education are available on multiple platforms including desktop, web and mobile. The Perceptive solution also offers multiple integration options into each institution’s unique business application. 
  • Perceptive Software currently has deployed process and content management solutions on more than 1,400 campuses worldwide. 
Supporting Quotes
“I was expecting to see an incremental improvement in data capture and this was much, much more,” said David Mason, Information Technology Coordinator for California Polytechnic State University, referring to Perceptive Intelligent Capture for Transcripts. “The fact that it can not only capture what’s on the transcript, but also pull back additional information from other source systems to complete the record, makes it a very powerful tool for the admissions process.”

“Sorting through volumes of incoming transcripts to find the best candidates is challenging, and having incomplete information about a candidate’s high school or college experience means admissions directors often make decisions without seeing the whole picture,” said Brian Anderson, Chief Technology Officer, Perceptive Software. “With Perceptive Intelligent Capture for Transcripts, admissions professionals can move from speculation and guesswork to fact-based decisions, to recruit the best candidates from the largest possible candidate pool.

“Perceptive Intelligent Capture for Transcripts is another example of a solution that connects unstructured printed and digital information across the enterprise, in this case providing immediate value for our customers in the higher education space,” said Anderson.

About Perceptive Software (
Lexmark’s Perceptive Software (NYSE: LXK) builds intelligent capture, content management, process management, enterprise search and integration products that connect the unstructured printed and digital information across enterprises with the processes, applications and people who need it most.

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