Business Intelligence Associates, Inc. (BIA) takes bold action to announce today that it is making the Legal Hold feature of its online eDiscovery solution completely free to all users.

“With the sufficiency of legal hold notices becoming a central point in more and more cases, such as in the recent Apple v. Samsung ruling, we decided it was time to remove any and all barriers that companies may have in implementing a truly effective legal hold process by making the Legal Hold feature absolutely free to all customers,â€Â said Brian Schrader, BIA President.

Now, anyone can sign up for a free account at, and start issuing legal hold notices in minutes to relevant custodians, such as to employees and third-parties required to preserve documents for legal reasons. offers full functioning legal hold features including automatic reminders, on-the-fly legal hold scope adjustment, escalations, custom memos and robust reporting. Users can also take advantage of the free Data Profiler™ feature, which allows users to create comprehensive early data assessment reports for use in litigation budgeting, meet and confer meetings and legal strategy planning. The two features combine seamlessly to provide users with a simple and effective way to fulfill their legal obligations and get an early jump on the eDiscovery process --all before incurring any costs.

“We're confident that when using the Legal Hold feature, our users will see how transforms the entire eDiscovery process into a simple, streamlined and cost-effective experience,â€Â added Schrader. Once data is preserved and custodians are on hold, the advanced features of enable quick and easy data gathering -- from computers to social media and cloud computing – with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Collected data can then be quickly analyzed, filtered and exported to any legal document review platform, all with no software to install or hardware to purchase.

About and BIA powered by BIA, was launched in early 2011 as the first cloud-based eDiscovery legal hold, data collection and ECA tool available to corporations and law firms. For nearly a decade, BIA has been developing and implementing defensible, technology driven solutions that reduce the costs and risks related to litigation, regulatory compliance and internal audits. BIA offers software complemented by mature professional services in the areas of litigation, digital investigations and electronic policy consulting. In addition to which includes Legal Hold and Data Profiler, BIA's products include the DiscoveryBOT™ ESI Collection Engine, and Discovery CQ Web-based Custodian Questionnaire. BIA provides software and services to Fortune 1000, Global 2000 companies and Am Law 200 law firms.

Headquartered in New York City, BIA also has offices in San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC and in Southwest Michigan. BIA maintains digital evidence response units throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. BIA's unique and positive workplace culture promotes diversity and celebrates the professional skills of each individual. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @biaprotect.



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