PSC Info Group, a national provider of innovative, technology-enabled solutions and proven revenue acceleration tools to streamline the collection of consumer payments, announced the availability of QR codes in the invoices, billing statements and letters it produces for clients. When scanned with a smartphone, the codes can connect consumers with an online payment portal, even a personal URL designed for each individual, accelerating consumer payments. QR codes can also connect consumers to online information about a product, service, special offer or promotion.

According to Mark Snow, chief marketing officer of PSC Info Group, "QR codes give customers a new channel for completing the critical payment transactions that drive companies' business. They enable immediate payment by smartphone, improving cash flow and the customer experience. And because printed communications with a QR code gain a great deal of functionality and intrigue, they prompt faster consumer response."

Typical applications for QR codes include:

  • Using QR codes to send consumers to a pre-populated Opt-In website where they can sign up to receive future communications from the company electronically. This increases convenience for the consumer, improves companies' document workflow and eliminates postage costs.
  • QR codes can be used to drive a consumer to a personal URL, enabling companies to target their marketing messages to specific consumers and increase response rates.

PSC Info Group can create QR codes and mobile tags and link them to a Web page, phone number, text string or other online information. The content can be quickly updated without having to create a new code or tag. And it is possible to measure a QR code's or mobile tag's success through free online usage reports that show the number of scans it generated.

About PSC Info Group
Headquartered in Valley Forge, Pa., and with additional processing facilities in Reno, Nev., PSC Info Group is a national provider of technology-enabled, integrated multi-channel customer communication solutions that facilitate billing, payments and revenue acceleration. With 30 years of experience, PSC provides a broad range of dynamic information and document distribution services including web delivery, email notification, SMS messaging, automated telephony and highly personalized printing and mailing capabilities that enable clients to increase their cash flow, reduce administrative costs and improve their customers' experience. For more, visit


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