Cabinet NG (CNG), provider of document management and workflow software, today announced the availability of its latest version of CNG-WEB, a module that provides a secure web-browser interface to CNG-SAFE. CNG-WEB version 6.2 brings the efficiency of workflow and several other new capabilities to the browser based experience.

Using this convenient interface, users have the ability to search cabinets, folders, and view documents from any location, anytime, without installing additional software on remote systems. Version 6.2 takes the user experience to the next level by adding workflow, simultaneous document add and route, last location memory, document trace and a number of performance enhancements that simplify use and accelerate speed.

"One of the biggest values in using CNG-WEB is its ability to support workflow using a standard browser. Workflow is the heart of keeping business processes moving and the ability to review and approve documents anytime, anywhere through a web browser is now a reality for our clients," said, Kenny Lance, President, NetBase Technologies.

CNG-WEB's workflow supports rules based and manual routing of documents. The user can also add notes to the document's workflow history. The notes feature is a great way to provide additional information and communication about a workflow activity, without making changes to a document. Approved documents are automatically sent to the next stop in a workflow rule or to the selected destination/user in manual mode. Rejected documents are returned to the preceding step. Documents can also be added (uploaded) and routed in a single process using CNG-WEB. The complete workflow history and all notes are easily accessed by using the new trace function. This allows users to immediately know the status and progress of any document's workflow, even if that user is not part of the workflow.

For added convenience, CNG-WEB now remembers where a user was in the system during the previous session (i.e. which repository, cabinet and folder) and returns them to that location when they log back in. This is part of the overall performance improvements made to CNG-WEB which also include quicker loading mythologies. Navigation was further streamlined by upgrading the traditional numbered paging system with quick responding scroll bars and page-up/down keyboard controls.

"The need for anywhere anytime is becoming a business necessity. Embracing the Web with CNG technology is an exciting way for us to help our customers accomplish their goals from these new business environments. CNG-WEB and CNG-ONLINE are two technologies CNG offers that give users the flexibility to retain a competitive business advantage," said Andrew Bailey, President, CNG.

About Cabinet NG
Cabinet NG's (CNG) document management software moves manual paper-based processes into efficient electronic workflows. CNG software supports interdepartmental collaboration allowing users across the company to accomplish tasks more efficiently with centrally managed and instantly accessible documents. For more information, visit


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