kCura announced the launch of Method, a workflow and notification system designed to manage legal hold and risk assessment processes performed by law firms, corporations, and service providers.

The enterprise solution, which runs on the e-discovery review platform Relativity, was built in conjunction with several leading law firms. It allows those individuals who oversee legal holds to streamline workflows and mitigate risks.

"Method provides us with a tool to efficiently manage the legal hold process," said Browning Marean, senior counsel at DLA Piper. "kCura's offering addresses the challenges of litigation holds in an organized, defensible, and cost-effective manner."

"Performing legal holds is a requirement in modern litigation," said Jay Leib, chief strategy officer at kCura. "A successful legal hold strategy will lay the foundation for defensible discovery and create efficiencies for other e-discovery activities. With a legal hold management solution and a well-defined process, organizations can prevent disorder and loss of data."

kCura's Solution: Method. Using Method, the hold process can be centralized in a straightforward, repeatable progression. Instead of using several software products, spreadsheets, locally-saved documents, and individual e-mail accounts, users can quickly initiate a legal hold through a customized, web-based workflow. They can send out legal hold notifications by e-mail, interview custodians to gather relevant information, track and analyze responses, and generate detailed reports to maintain a defensibly-sound audit trail of all communications. This alleviates a resource dependency within organizations, allowing multiple users to repeat the workflows that have been developed and saved in Method.

Flexibility. Method's flexible feature set and granular security model give users the freedom to build unique workflows within the software, including customized hold notices, question sets, and e-mail templates. This functionality can also be used to assess business risk for purposes of litigation preparedness.

Method is available either on premises, or as a hosted, on-demand model. Current Relativity customers can purchase Method as an add-on to their review platform. New customers purchasing Method receive the benefit of light legal review through Relativity, which comes with Method in a five-seat format.

"By offering Method both as an on-premises and on-demand solution through our global network of partners, our clients have flexible options to address their legal hold and risk assessment needs," said Andrew Sieja, president and CEO of kCura. "We're very excited to provide Method to our customers."

For more details about Method, go to www.methodlegalhold.com.

About kCura
kCura are the developers of the e-discovery software Relativity. Relativity is a web-based platform servicing the analysis, review, and production stages of the EDRM. In addition to document review, Relativity powers kCura's legal hold management solution, Method, which is a workflow and notification system designed to manage legal hold and risk assessment processes. For more information about Relativity and Method, visit www.kcura.com.



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