Elangovan Ekambaram

Elangovan is a lead technology strategist at Paragon Solutions, responsible for architecting, designing, building, and delivering enterprise solutions within the insurance, reinsurance, healthcare and financial services space. He is a team and thought leader, with a history of successfully driving the alignment of enterprise technology capabilities with critical business drivers and guiding enterprises to sustainable roadmaps and plans. Prior to joining Paragon, he worked at HCL and Infosys where he was involved in the ECM product development. Elangovan holds a master’s degree in computer applications from Bharathidasan University, India and a bachelor’s degree in electronic science.
Aug. 1 2016
Organizations of all sizes face tremendous challenges and pressures in providing seamless customer experiences through every channel of the customer’s preference. While engaging customers with relevant...
July 7 2016
Organizations receive thousands of inbound communications via mail and email every day—many of which are business documents, such as enrollment forms, applications, claim forms, and other correspondence,...
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    Generative AI (Gen AI) has captured the imagination of industries worldwide, but the true potential lies in its practical applications
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    Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a system designed for organizing, storing and retrieving media files and managing digital rights and permissions. DAM systems have become a core component of creative
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    Is Generative AI tipping the scales in favor of building Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, or will it ever get to that point?
    Information technology has undergone a major transformation in recent years, sparked by the rise of “big data.”
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    Every day, large organizations face multiple challenges with the hundreds or thousands of pieces of mail received through the USPS and other carriers, documents that include general business mail