LuraTech, which provides software for managing document conversion and data capture environments, introduced DocYard, a flexible software platform that enables organizations to build their own production-level document conversion and capture environments. By giving scan service providers and records managers a centrally managed platform for building their document capture and conversion workflows, DocYard will enable these users to save time and money through easy implementation, set-up and monitoring of their processes. DocYard also greatly reduces may manual processes with more efficient automation, such as streamlining of quality assurance and integration of other tools into the workflow.

"As a scan service provider that processes thousands of pages a day, we must be able to guarantee 100 percent accuracy in document conversion," said Howard Gross, president of E-BizDocs and a long-time user of LuraTech's LuraDocument PDF Compressor Enterprise software. "A centrally managed platform like DocYard enables us to quickly set up new jobs and track quality assurance at every step of the document conversion process. These capabilities would allow us to significantly lower our production costs, ensuring that we can competitively bid new jobs and ensure our customers' satisfaction."

The ease of integration and automation supported by DocYard will enable organizations to dramatically reduce the cost of managing document conversion projects because it supports more intelligent interaction between automated and manual processes. In addition, DocYard will allow users to achieve return on investment in a matter of months, through more efficient use of both hardware and human resources and the ability to set up and process jobs more accurately and quickly.

"DocYard offers an innovative new approach to document capture, which historically entailed migrating paper documents into electronic ones," said Mark McKinney, president of LuraTech Inc. "Now DocYard enables organizations to go far beyond that singular step. DocYard supports the conversion and capture of meaningful information from both paper and digital sources, while tracking and monitoring the automated and manual steps involved in the entire document conversion process."

Most of today's existing document capture and conversion products focus on specific tasks, such as scanning, document classification or integration with enterprise content management (ECM) systems, and require users to string together disparate tools to create their own production environments. Doing so often results in inflexible solutions that are costly to implement, need much customization, and are difficult to manage because they require individuals with a strong technical background to set up new jobs.

LuraTech is taking a more holistic approach with the introduction of DocYard, which is designed as a platform on which scan service providers and records managers can create custom workflows with easily integrated modular components. DocYard enables organizations to connect legacy tools and applications, and build additional functional modules, with an easy-to-use API.

DocYard, which provides both distributed and parallel processing, offers centralized control and monitoring of distributed and networked document conversion workflow, which guarantees the most efficient use of software, hardware and human resources. As a result, new conversion projects can be easily set-up and tested using DocYard, making it possible to quickly build conversion workflows and reduce processing costs. And, with live monitoring capabilities, DocYard allows operation managers to track all tasks — even the manual and semi-automated processes — and adjust the workflow to enhance throughput by reallocating resources accordingly to a particular project.

About LuraTech
LuraTech delivers software and services that simplify the complex process of converting and managing scanned and electronic documents. The company was established in 1995 and is a leading provider of open, ISO-compliant document and image compression solutions. Building on its expertise in PDF, PDF/A and JPEG2000, LuraTech now provides software and services that enable users to easily build their own document conversion environment. For more information, visit

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