Accusoft announced the latest release of PrizmDoc today. The latest version now includes AI for Personally Identifiable Information Detection and Redaction.

    “Enhanced data security and improved regulatory compliance are very important to our customers, particularly in the Legal, Insurance, and Financial Services industries,” said Steve Wilson, Accusoft’s Chief Product Officer. “This newest version of PrizmDoc makes meeting these requirements easier.”

    AI for Personally Identifiable Information in PrizmDoc: Features and Benefits
    The new PrizmDoc AI for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Detection and Redaction module allows end users to search and detect PII in a document. This provides:
    ● The page number where the information is located
    ● The ability to see the specific related text
    ● What type of PII the AI has identified
    ● An identification confidence score for each item

    Once reviewed, end users can easily redact the information with a click of a button, or this process can be automated using APIs.

    Software developers can access this functionality using APIs to create workflow automation and enable user interface tools to provide functionality to end users.

    PrizmDoc’s newest feature removes the need for end users to manually scan documents trying to identify PII for redaction, reducing bottlenecks and delays, and saving companies a significant amount of time.

    Accusoft's Chief Operating Officer Megan Brooks added: “This release marks a distinct milestone for Accusoft and PrizmDoc. Enhancing PrizmDoc with AI gives our customers a unique capability that allows them to differentiate their ECM solutions from the competition. As we stay close to our partners, the market, and the evolution of AI as it impacts the Document Management industry, we look forward to delivering more innovative feature enhancements to our customers.”

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