Feb. 5 2024 08:16 AM

Zero-shot classification & extraction automatically identifies documents and intelligently retrieves information without the need for training

KnowledgeLake continues to transform enterprise automation by introducing cutting-edge zero-shot classification and extraction capabilities. Part of the new Lake Aurora release, KnowledgeLake has pioneered what it calls “Intuitive AITM” to enable organizations to automatically classify and extract data from documents without explicit, time-consuming training.

KnowledgeLake’s unique Intuitive AI eliminates the need for pre-defined rules and configurations, creating a system with the unparallelled capability to intelligently adapt and discern information in documents right out of the gate. Users don’t have to direct the platform as to how to go in and extract value from pages. The system understands the semantics and context of different documents and can interpret data on its own – without ever seeing any examples.

“Embracing digital labor is crucial for businesses to maximize productivity, lower costs and stay competitive—it is no longer an option. Our new Intuitive AI app in concert with our Adaptive IDP, Workflow Automation, Intelligent RPA and Content Management allows businesses to scale operations quickly and allocate human resources to more strategic tasks. Now, with KnowledgeLake, our partners and customers can achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction with a single, intuitive AI-powered platform,” said Russ Malz, Vice President of Sales at KnowledgeLake.

“With other solutions that we considered, we’d have to provide samples and spend time fine-tuning the system in order to automate data classification and extraction. We can now achieve the same results, just as accurately, with no upfront setup. The solution not only transformed our workflows but has become a cornerstone of business success – saving time and money in ways we never imagined,” said the COO at a world class document imaging organization in the US.

In addition to KnowledgeLake’s zero-shot classification and extraction application, the newly updated platform includes other enhancements, such as the ability to:
  • Modify reports with custom events and tracers
  • Add tables and panels to Customer Experience Portal & Instant Pro-Forms
  • Seamlessly scan and upload documents into workflows
  • Write and edit code without having to leave the application
“Today marks an important milestone in our journey at KnowledgeLake. With the Lake Aurora release the KnowledgeLake Platform is now a complete solution for business automation. Our customers and partners can now enjoy the benefits of an intuitive, 100% cloud-based platform to quickly deliver maximum business impact. Our fully integrated no-code platform now infused with Intuitive AI is designed to drive more operational agility for our customers. Simply put, KnowledgeLake keeps getting faster, easier to use, and smarter as we extend the reach and possibilities for digital labor,” said Ron Cameron, CEO and founder of KnowledgeLake.

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