Papyrus Software announced today that the Commerzbank and comdirect brands have selected Papyrus as their next generation Customer Communication and Document Management platform.

As one of the largest banks in Germany, with €510 billion in assets and 42,000 employees worldwide, the Commerzbank and comdirect brands have chosen the Papyrus platform to implement a common document platform for Commerzbank and comdirect and consolidate their customer communications on a single all-in-one lifecycle platform. The decision was made after an extensive RFI/RFP process, a scoping exercise and proof-of-concept.

Papyrus stood out in all categories evaluated by Commerzbank, receiving the highest scores in architecture and integration, functional front-end and templating, POC performance, experience and price, according to David Dähn, Product Manager for digital processes & document rendering.

“At Papyrus, our long-time motto has been a document life-cycle solution“. With the Papyrus platform, synergies can be leveraged in a common target platform for the Commerzbank and comdirect and functionalities of existing applications can be adopted, with a focus on SAP and Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrations.” said Annemarie Pucher, CEO of Papyrus Software.

At Commerzbank, the customer communication platform plays a central role in important end-to-end processes for customers, such as securities orders, installment loans and construction financing. The new platform requirements are real time creation of documents as PDF/A & UA, processing of mass documents >5.5 million documents in 5 hours as PDF/A & UA and in AFP format, SAP integration in workflows and support for processing complex business transactions with WYSIWYG front-end, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration with WYSIWYG front-end for individual customer communication.

The bank needs to migrate several thousand document templates to the Papyrus platform due to end-of-life legacy platforms. For the rapid document migration, the Papyrus Converter and Test Center is provided, which migrates documents from DocFamily Assentis and DOPiX to the new platform in a semi-automated way and performs correction loops, test and defect management with the integrated Papyrus Business Designer. With the Test Center all document incompatibilities are quickly identified, adopted and a ‘golden copy’ of the document is saved. The Papyrus Designer tools are used by business and IT teams and leverage the synergies of Commerzbank and comdirect's common target platform for document template design, rendering and multi-channel delivery.

Papyrus is operated in the MS Azure cloud and containers with load balancing via OpenShift to start up additional or shut down existing containers depending on incoming load. The new platform is configured for 10 million documents / 60 million pages / day for batch and synchronous REST services for on-demand consumers service 24/7 (1000 calls per minute) and interactive documents (SAP and MS Dynamics integrated) servicing more than 10000 Commerzbank and comdirect users.

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