July 26 2023 08:59 AM

The Solution Packs will eliminate ECM and RPA manual operating data gathering, deliver actionable management information and reduce operating risk

Reveille Software announced its Reveille Solution Packs (Solution Packs). The Solution Packs are designed for Business IT and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) requiring broader ECM information.

Reveille’s Solution Packs address urgent ECM and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) operational and management challenges by harnessing Reveille’s core capabilities to equip businesses with actionable insights. It captures all the necessary metrics automatically based on actual usage. Flexible pricing allows for Solution Packs to fit specific needs. Detailed features include:
  • Chargeback - Accurately gather user and repository activity for ECM applications, facilitating a fair chargeback system.
  • Capacity Planning - Systematically collect ECM operating metrics for effective capacity planning.
  • Enterprise Integration - Seamlessly integrate Reveille with problem, incident, reporting, and change management processes.
  • Remediation - Automate responses to swiftly rectify ECM application issues.
  • Service Level Management - Effectively report and communicate ECM service levels and operating metrics.
  • Compliance - Efficiently collect user activity data to satisfy audit and compliance requirements.
  • Content Security - Promptly detect and respond to suspicious content access, bolstering security.
  • License Management - Gather vital information on active ECM applications and platform users.
“Reveille Solution Packs unlock the hidden value in Reveille data beyond the core monitoring and performance management benefits. Reveille Solution Packs help answer key ECM and RPA management questions, reduce cyber content risks, and connect Reveille data with over twenty-plus native enterprise integrations such as Splunk, ServiceNow, Azure, AWS, and PagerDuty,” said Brian DeWyer, CTO and Co-Founder of Reveille.

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