June 2 2023 08:21 AM

KnowledgeLake’s positive move up and to the right in this year’s PEAK Matrix highlights the company’s strengthening market position and technology innovations

KnowledgeLake has been recognized as a Star Performer and Major Contender in the prestigious Everest Group Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Unstructured Document Processing Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023. The Star Performer title is given to companies that achieved the strongest year-over-year improvement, signaling that KnowledgeLake’s leading position in the market is strengthening.

“Our move up in this year’s Everest Group PEAK Matrix represents our hard work and progress in delivering greater value and the most technically advanced solution in the market,” said Ron Cameron, Founder and CEO of KnowledgeLake. “We have been relentlessly improving our platform by integrating cutting-edge technologies that push the bounds of AI-driven data classification, extraction and workflow automation. We will continue to build upon our strength as an innovator in IDP by introducing new capabilities aimed at helping our customers solve modern content management challenges.”

With a comprehensive suite of products and a strong focus on leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, KnowledgeLake empowers organizations to extract critical data from unstructured documents efficiently, enhance business processes, and achieve digital transformation goals.

KnowledgeLake's intelligent document processing platform offers a wide range of capabilities, including advanced RPA (robotic process automation) technology, data extraction, classification, and data validation. The platform integrates seamlessly with leading content management systems and other enterprise applications, ensuring a seamless and unified user experience. Everest Group, a global consulting and research firm, conducts annual assessments to evaluate and recognize vendors in the IDP and unstructured document processing space. The assessment provides an objective analysis of each vendor's capabilities, market impact, vision, and delivery footprint.

The Everest Group's recognition of KnowledgeLake as a Star Performer and Major Contender further solidifies the company's position as a leading provider of intelligent document processing solutions. With a global customer base spanning various industries, including government, financial, and healthcare, KnowledgeLake continues to empower organizations to gain a competitive edge through enhanced document processing capabilities.

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