Feb. 8 2023 08:18 AM

KnowledgeLake “Ontario” update brings an expanded process automation engine and new digital customer experience portal to the company’s Intelligent Document Processing platform

KnowledgeLake announces the immediate availability of its “Ontario” Update through the company’s cloud-first software platform.

The Ontario update expands the KnowledgeLake platform’s capabilities to help organizations solve their most complex business process and workflow automation challenges on a single platform. The update also elevates the customer experience by simplifying document and data collection and providing greater transparency into the status of applications, transactions and other processes.

The most notable update is KnowledgeLake’s enhanced process automation engine, which features an intuitive interface for citizen developers as well as automation and IT specialists. The process automation engine has been expanded to include conditional routing, looping, error handling, granular permissions and other enhancements that enable basic and complex automations across different applications and systems.

“We’ve taken a major step forward in our process automation capabilities,” said Ron Cameron, founder and CEO of KnowledgeLake. “We know that not every workflow is the same, and business processes are often messy or non-linear. We’ve developed an even more powerful process automation engine to support all the various contingencies, conditions and applications modern business processes require. Organizations will be able to address their most complex workflows and automate them beautifully in one easy to use interface. At the same time, they can bring customers directly into those workflows.”

The Ontario update features two brand new capabilities to the KnowledgeLake platform that enable better digital customer experiences:

Digital Experience Portal – An interactive gateway that loops customers and other external participants (such as contractors and third-party vendors) into workflows and provides real-time insight into the status of processes. The portal features an auto-generated task list builder and secure file sharing capabilities. Secure Electronic Forms - A no-code, low-code, and pro-code tool that enables users to design and customize external-facing online forms that can be used to trigger workflows. The flexible white-label form builder includes embedded data validation and ReCaptcha authentication for security/compliance.

“Digital workflows and processes are getting more complex by the day and involve a growing number of stakeholders,” said Jason Burian, VP of Product for KnowledgeLake. “To succeed in this dynamic environment and satisfy customers, organizations require more technical agility, and that means better tools. The Ontario release loops customers right into workflows and lets IT professionals and citizen developers alike automate complex, end-to-end business processes and create streamlined digital experiences for customers.”

The KnowledgeLake Ontario Updates are available now. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit www.knowledgelake.com/workflow-automation-software.

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