Business Forms Management Association (BFMA), the association for forms and business process professionals, announces the availability of its “Forms Management Book of Knowledge (Book of Knowledge).” Conveniently offered in electronic format, the “Book of Knowledge” defines best practices and guidelines in delivering forms management services according to the roles and responsibilities within a forms management program. In addition to being a primary reference for forms management professionals, it also proves useful to other disciplines, such as information technology, records management and document management, in their interaction with a forms management program or the effective use of forms in their own areas of business.

To date, there is no formal training in colleges or universities in the field of forms management. The “Book of Knowledge” fills this gap by providing knowledge from leading experts in the field, covering the day-to-day responsibilities for forms management, establishing a governance and risk framework, developing a forms management strategic plan, determining staffing requirements, establishing competency requirements for staffing, establishing partner relationships, establishing a forms technology architecture and infrastructure and more.

“Forms are all about collecting and presenting information that organizations rely on to conduct their business operations, whether these are with customers, the public or internal staff,” said Margaret Tassin, president of Forms Doc, LLC and an active member of BFMA. The “Book of Knowledge” is not about how to design a form or about the process of forms manufacturing, although there is guidance on best practices for that. It is about why and how forms need to be managed and all the responsibilities, services and management of a best practice forms management program. It reflects the broad nature of the interests, responsibilities and the many hats we must wear to successfully approach the function of forms, regardless of how an organization manages this function.”

BFMA’s mission is to provide education, information and networking opportunities to the people who facilitate information exchange for enterprises. The organization also offers a BFMA Certificate Program for forms professionals wishing to update their credentials and continue their forms education. For options on purchasing the “Book of Knowledge,” visit this link.

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