Transformations Inc., a software solutions company and developer of the comprehensive customer communications management (CCM) platform, Uluro, announced that Uluro has been selected by United Collections Bureau, Inc. (UCB), one of the largest contingency collection agencies in the United States, to support its new in-house production print facility in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Key drivers in the selection of Uluro included its ability to seamlessly take in multiple file formats, the user-friendliness of configuring application workflows and speed of composing and making document modifications, and its customer collaboration web portal for online approval, tracking and archiving. With Uluro’s CCM platform, UCB will significantly streamline its production operations, reducing the time and resources required to meet the collection agency’s stringent time-to-market requirements.

Additionally, Uluro’s built-in integration with address cleansing and presort software and its compatibility with UCB’s newly acquired inkjet printing technology was important in the decision. UCB also added Uluro’s uSecure module to their solution set. uSecure technology provides intelligent protection embedded into data files, allowing sensitive data to remain encrypted while being processed in the workflow. The solution offers true closed-loop protection from file receipt to output management, as well as full audit capabilities regarding data access, ensuring UCB has the proper systems in place to keep confidential data protected.

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