Nordis Technologies was named to the first Aspire CCM-CXM Service Providers Leaderboard. Nordis was recognized for its focused solution, the patented Expresso® omnichannel CCM platform that delivers all the core capabilities for digitally transforming and optimizing print and digital transactional and compliance customer communications.

“Nordis’ fast-track, turnkey approach to CCM should help customers accelerate their journey to digital communications and achieve significant business benefits. Its business model of bundling print and digital services with its Expresso CCM platform can reduce the complexity of managing multiple stand-alone CCM and digital and print delivery vendors,” said Mia Papanicolaou, Aspire’s General Manager of North and South America.

Other key advantages that Aspire calls out:
  • Client focus and collaboration. “Nordis works closely with its customers to develop new solution capabilities which it then embeds into the core platform.”
  • Technology investment and innovation. “The platform uses a patented combination of engines including a global content editor and communication templates, custom field logic, and business rules to automate document composition.”
  • Control and self-service for business users. Its business model “grants customers complete control over the management of their own content” and “works to give maximum control to businesses that wish to manage customer communications without having to rely on internal technical resources.”
  • Business continuity and resilience. “Its presence on both the East and West Coasts provides wide print/mail production coverage and disaster resilience for delivering paper communications.”
“We are honored to be named to Aspire’s first Leaderboard for CCM-CXM Service Providers. This placement recognizes Nordis’ transformation from a traditional print-and-mail company into a well-established hosted managed services provider of innovative CCM technology solutions,” said Ronnie Seligner, founder and CEO of Nordis Technologies. “Our unique approach of bundling our proprietary Expresso CCM solution with our core print/mail and digital delvery capabilities creates an incredible value for our clients.”

Expresso is eminently scalable and flexible, ideal for expanding businesses and digitally transfoming operations for greater productivity, efficiency and customer experience. It is a CCM leader for hospitality, healthcare and financial services and is expanding its presence in the energy provider market.

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