March 25 2021 09:52 AM

A breakthrough solution for secure email distribution of and access to sensitive data via an attachment

Transformations, Inc., the developer of Uluro, the most comprehensive customer communications management (CCM) software on the market for securely creating, producing, delivering and tracking critical customer communications, announces the general availability of Smart Delivery.

Smart Delivery is the first-of-its-kind secure communication delivery system that enables the emailing of many regulatory compliant communications involving Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (SPII) that can be accessed without a portal. Additionally, the solution provides senders a real-time built-in audit trail that verifies and records proof of delivery to the intended recipient. Smart Delivery is the result of several years of market research and product development that resulted in a market-first standalone solution addressing many of the stringent requirements of the different vertical-specific regulations. It provides recipients the ability to securely open an actual email attachment with one-click convenience that fosters a more positive customer experience.

“The best approach to avoid experiencing a data breach is prevention. Smart Delivery is built on unique smart data technology, which offers protection that travels with the data,” said Bill Tidwell, CEO and founder of Transformations. “It is a competitive game changer in securely managing sensitive customer communications. We are excited to bring Smart Delivery to market.”

Smart Delivery was specifically designed for organizations in industries such as insurance, financial services and healthcare that grapple with how to distribute sensitive regulatory documents electronically—with the convenience end users are demanding, as well as the need for proof of delivery. Smart Delivery solves many of these challenges by providing controlled access to documents while mitigating the risk of a data breach.

Tidwell has been closely involved in the development and direction of Smart Delivery. He plans to expand on the company’s partnership with Sertainty, the self-protecting data solution provider of the smart data technology that is integrated into Smart Delivery. Going forward, Tidwell will be involved in the development of other market-leading solutions collaborating with Sertainty to make the management of customer communications less complex, while significantly increasing the security of those communications.

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