Oct. 29 2020 10:02 AM

Quadient® Impress Distribute enables businesses to send mail from virtually anywhere without ever touching a piece of paper

Quadient has announced today the launch of Quadient® Impress Distribute, a new cloud-based document delivery solution that removes the distraction and laborious task of preparing and sending outbound communications.

Quadient Impress Distribute allows users to send mail from their desktops—on-site or remote—and enables employees to focus instead on higher-value, core tasks, optimizing the flow of business. Quadient Impress Distribute is now generally available simultaneously in the US, UK and the Netherlands. Quadient Impress Distribute fully integrates with the other modules of Quadient Impress, Quadient’s user-friendly outbound document automation platform introduced earlier this year. Impress Distribute users upload personalized documents via a SaaS application to Quadient’s mail production facility, where the communications are printed, sorted, stuffed, metered and sent to the post office for delivery. This eliminates the time and stress around the preparation and delivery of both ad hoc and bulk mail, keeping employees happy, improving cash flow and ensuring the right document is delivered to the right customer.

The solution also provides companies with a detailed audit trail of the entire document preparation process and ensures important communications meet security and compliance requirements. Quadient’s state-of-the-art production facilities offer a high level of security where data is transferred by secure protocol (SSH), identical to those used for banking transactions. Processes and procedures are certified to ensure the proper controls, and safeguards comply with privacy rules and regulatory requirements.

Quadient’s Business Process Automation solutions, a core pillar of the company’s Back to Growth strategy, provide small and medium businesses access to digital capabilities and automation tools previously available only to large enterprises. The expansion of the Impress platform with Quadient Impress Distribute marks the next step in Quadient’s mission to support outbound document automation and digital transformation for companies of all sizes.

“Impress Distribute is the next evolution of the Impress cloud platform, designed to support our strategic plan to offer a full suite of business process automation solutions that accelerate SMBs in their transition to more digitalized and automated processes.” said Geoffrey Godet, CEO, Quadient. “With the current challenging health and business environment, Quadient leveraged its knowledge in managing transactional documents and mail for 500,000 global organizations to create Impress Distribute, for the automation and distribution of mail from virtually anywhere, without ever touching a piece of paper.”

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