April 24 2020 07:25 AM

Sefas announced that it has added a new Rapid Digital Transformation solution that broadly enhances its omnichannel capabilities

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    In today’s unprecedented scenario, companies that send transactional customer documents are feeling an accelerated need for delivering these documents through secure digital channels, like email and SMS. Yet enterprises, caught between different legacy systems, data silos, and multiple stakeholders, are struggling to make this transformation.

    Sefas can help you move from a print-centric workflow to a digitally enabled workflow through our new Rapid Digital Transformation offering. Our solution receives, processes, optimizes, distributes, archives and retrieves communications in any format (email, SMS, print, and others) under a single unified platform.

    The new Rapid Digital Transformation solution offers the following capabilities:
    • Composition engine to create HTML email and text notifications with a link pointing to the documents in our digital vault
    • Post-composition engine to convert your printed documents to PDFs and accept composed email or SMS notifications
    • Data archive to securely store these documents and make them accessible online for e-presentment
    • Electronic delivery gateway to deliver and track these notifications to email and SMS provider of your choice
    • Production management system to orchestrate, track and audit the processing, production, and delivery of paper and digital communications
    The new solution is also designed to help you move from print-only to email delivery, create electronic fillable forms, unify orchestration of customer communications, create omnichannel content, archive communications digitally, and achieve rapid onboarding.

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