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    There are many ways to manage information, conduct business, and use technology "solutions" to help us solve our business problems. Yet, as technology has evolved and improved over the years, the same problems exist. What's the reason behind this? Are we relying on technology to solve the business problem for us without understanding what that problem actually is or how the process really works?

    Someone once told me that their company was about to toss out its fifth technology solution, which hadn't meet their expectations or improved their operating efficiencies. When I asked what problem they were trying to solve and what processes they were addressing, the answer was vague and unclear. As I pressed further, we uncovered that the company hadn't really defined the problem or how the process even worked.

    Rather than blaming technology, you should understand what you want that technology for.

    It's important to take a more intelligent approach to information management and to look at the whole picture. First, identify the true business problem, document the process, identify areas of improvement, and automate where possible. Rather than blaming technology, you should understand what you want that technology for.

    In My View

    Many businesses tend to react and put technology ahead of the problem with less than expected results in return. It's time to think about what you're doing. Think about intelligent information management (IIM) practices that embrace a proactive approach, and focus on solving customer-centric problems and business processes by modernizing the information ecosystem, digitalizing core organizational processes, automating compliance and governance, and leveraging analytics and machine learning.

    Before you toss out your vendor for not solving your problems, know what your problem is and think about what you are trying to do.

    Bob Larrivee is Vice President and Chief Analyst of Market Intelligence at AIIM and an internationally recognized subject matter expert and thought leader with over 30 years of experience in the fields of information and process management. Follow him on Twitter @BobLarrivee.