Smart Communications, an innovator in customer and business conversations, announced plans to integrate with popular voice assistants (such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home), and to allow the delivery of personalized content to chatbots. The company just unveiled a preview of this functionality at Insurance Innovators’ Future of General Insurance event in London and at Guidewire’s Connections 2017 conference in Las Vegas, which focused on the importance of incorporating the latest communication channels into critical conversations with providers, agents, and customers.

“By providing our customers with the ability to easily associate content with voice assistant ‘skills’ and chatbots, we open up another exciting, new set of real-time uses cases, the need for which was just reinforced by Guidewire during the company’s keynote address at Guidewire Connections,” said Simon Tindal, Chief Technology Officer at Smart Communications.

“Imagine saying ’Alexa, when is my auto policy due for renewal’ or ’Hey Google, ask my insurance advisor what total vehicle loss means’ and instantly receiving relevant answers from your trusted providers. This is a significant step forward in transforming customer communications into personalized conversations, made possible by our advanced, digital-first technology.”

Voice assistants and chatbot integration will help insurance, financial services, healthcare providers, and other industries deliver more meaningful customer conversations in real-time. These features, which will be generally available in 2018, will be the newest addition to the previously released Smart Components capabilities, designed to make it simpler for enterprises to deliver highly personal and impactful customer conversations. Currently, Smart Components enable drag-and-drop capabilities to deliver image carousels, video and audio controls, social media toolbar, accordion widgets, lightboxes, and sidebar menu functions – all readily embedded in a real-time customer communication.

“We are excited to offer this preview of the next evolution of our capabilities as we extend the boundaries of CCM into the Conversation Cloud,” added Tindal.

About Smart Communications
Smart Communications helps the world’s largest enterprises simplify their customer and business communications – while making those communications do even more. In 2004, we pioneered the new generation of CCM solutions, and today we’re still leading the industry as the only cloud/hybrid-cloud solution in the Gartner leaders’ quadrant. Smart Communications customers rely on our team for the undivided attention of the only independent company 100% focused on enterprise CCM.

Smart Communications is headquartered in London and serves its customers from offices located in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The company offers a range of solutions including SmartCOMMTM, SmartDXTM, SmartCORRTM for Salesforce, and SmartCaaSTM for Partners. To learn more, visit